ASID OC Board of Directors 2020-2021

I am proud to announce our board is now complete and ready to face the challenge of the new year. As your chapter President, I am introducing the 2020-21 ASID CAOC Board of Directors.

Julia Alt, Allied ASID, President


Each director brings talent, energy, and value to the table. We are excited to bring engaging content to the members of the chapter, innovative ways for Industry Partners to interact with designers, and abundant opportunities for students to participate. Our world is ever changing today, and our goal is to continue to adapt. The coming year will be a fusion of old and new. An emphasis on community, connection, collaboration, creativity, and learning. Chances to share in the journey are accessible to members through events, volunteering, sponsorship, hosting, and advertising.

Jessica Jones, Allied ASID, President Elect

Sue Rexroth, Allied ASID, Finance Director

Jonathan Mayer, Industry Partner ASID, Interim Communications Director

Alix Flamm, Allied ASID, Professional Development Director

Katey Carlson, Industry Partner ASID, Membership Director

Jenna Robitaille, Industry Partner ASID, At Large Member

Isabele Dargel, Student ASID, Student Rep to the Board